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SIG P365XL RMR Cut Gun and Magazine Combo Holster

SIG P365XL RMR Cut Gun and Magazine Combo Holster

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It’s more important than ever to protect yourself when you’re out in the world. And that begins and ends with maintaining your 2nd Amendment rights and ensuring proper firearm safety and accessibility at all times. We created this hand-crafted gun holsters compatible with SIG P365XL RMR Cut Gun and Magazine Combo Holster pistol to give you more control, comfort, and support no matter if you’re at the range or on the go. Designed with 0.8 Kydex material these tactical-grade carry holsters offer a slim profile, lightweight design, and precision firearm fit to ensure you stay a step ahead. Complete with options for RMR and red dot sights, as well as cuts for threaded barrels and compensators, they’re the ideal choice for veterans, military members, law enforcement personnel, security professionals, tactical teams, and proactive firearm enthusiasts. And with a secure 1.75”/ 1.5" belt clip of your choosing, adjustable angle cant, and adjustable ride height they provide a more comfortable fit all day long. More importantly, our concealment holsters provide a slim, discrete profile that still offers enhanced accessibility at a moment’s notice.


  • This custom pistol holster for  SIG P365XL RMR Cut Gun and Magazine Combo Holster comes in various color options.
  • A secure belt clip helps tuck away our holsters for pistols inside your waistband to improve firearm safety and security when you’re on the move.
  • These concealment holsters come in options of right or left-handed grips to provide faster firearm accessibility with adjustable ride height and cant for tactical responsiveness.
  • We offer enhanced customization with cuts for RMR / red dot sights, threaded barrel cuts, and compensator cuts to provide more reliable and effective firearm support.
  • Made right here in the USA our conceal carry holsters for men and women are backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure high-quality reliability you can trust.

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