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BYRNA HD/ SD With TLR7-TLR7A Light IWB (Inside The Waistband)

BYRNA HD/ SD With TLR7-TLR7A Light IWB (Inside The Waistband)

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This Holster for the non Lethal Byrna HD/ SD Gun is great for those needing to contain a possibly dangerous situation without the means of a firearm. Designed with 0.8 Kydex material these tactical-grade carry holsters offer a slim profile, lightweight design, and precision firearm fit to ensure you stay a step ahead. And with a secure 1.75”/ 1.5" belt clip of your choosing, adjustable angle cant, and adjustable ride height they provide a more comfortable fit all day long. More importantly, our concealment holsters provide a slim, discrete profile that still offers enhanced accessibility at a moment’s notice.


  • This holster for non lethal Byrna HD/ SD Gun.
  • A secure belt clip helps tuck away our holsters for inside your waistband to improve security when you’re on the move.
  • These concealment holsters come in options of right or left-handed grips to provide faster accessibility with adjustable ride height and cant for tactical responsiveness.
  • Made right here in the USA our conceal carry holsters for men and women are backed by a lifetime warranty to ensure high-quality reliability you can trust.

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